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Android Fix Failed to Find Build Tools Revision

Failed to Find Build Tools Revision 2X.X.X Android Build tools get updated often and whenever an Android project you import that is using a different Build Tools Revision than the one you’re using, you’ll see this error in Android Studio. To fix “Failed to Find Build Tools Revision” you have 2 options: Install the missing… Read More »

Kill Tomcat on Mac

How To Kill Tomcat on Mac when IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse has crashed or you forgot to stop Tomcat before closing Eclipse. Step 1: find which java process is Tomcat Start Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities), then order list by Process name Scroll to find java processes Note the PID #’s (process ID’s) Step 2: Pause java… Read More »

Android Security Fix MMS Flaw

Android security fix MMS flaw – Turn Off MMS Message Auto retrieve. Below is only a workaround for Android’s MMS Security Flaw (aka Stagefright) Please update your Android phone ASAP.  There are several other flaws related to Stagefright that this workaround will not help! Android Security Fix Steps Step 1 – Hangouts or Messaging If you’re… Read More »

Android Studio – Failed to Sync Gradle project – Fix

Matching SDK versions identified in build.gradle (Module: app) with the SDK versions you have installed via SDK Manager, then “Sync Now”, will fix most Android Studio build errors. Common Android Studio build errors: Failed to Sync Gradle project Failed to find target android-21 Install missing platform(s) and sync project If you’re building / running someone else’s project… Read More »

MacBook Fix Fast Battery Drain

To debug and fix a MacBook fast draining battery try the following solutions / fixes. First find out how fast your MacBook is draining its battery by using System Information (Apple logo top left corner, About This Mac, More Info, System Report, Power). Look at the Amperage (mA) value.  Unplug your MacBook if you’re running… Read More »

Bluetooth Speaker Sound Delay Fix Macbook Pro

Suffering 1-2 second sound delay between video on Macbook Pro and bluetooth speaker (Jabra Solemate in my case) I searched for a solution.  Updating the bluetooth speaker firmware (from version 1.33 to 1.34 on the Jabra Solemate) solved/fixed the sound video sync delay problem for me between a Macbook Pro Retina (2012) and a Jabra… Read More »

Splunk – account currently not available – boot-start

./splunk enable boot-start -user splunk returns error: This account is currently not available. First-time-run has not finished.  Ignore this error when previewing migration – exiting. Cause for error is the specified user has no shell. Fix – set the shell for the splunk user (“splunk” in this case), to /bin/bash. Run in the terminal: usermod… Read More »

Fix unlocked iPhone 3GS random signal drops

iPhone 3GS or 3G (software unlocked by redsn0w/ultrasn0w & similar) going from full signal strength bars to 1 bar to no bars, both 3G signal and wifi, to SEARCHING… to NO SERVICE, back to full bar signal strength, repeatedly, randomly especially with location services / GPS running (mouse pointer arrow visible in top right of iPhone… Read More »

Mac Bootcamp 4 Mountain Lion – Installer disc could not be found – Solution

Update Feb 6, 2013: See Lior’s comment/fix to Bootcamp Assistant not giving the option to make your USB drive into a Windows installation bootable drive. Here’s my solution to the “Installer disc could not be found” problem when installing Windows on a Macbook Pro Retina with Bootcamp using Bootcamp Assistant.  At the Install step, after sizing partitions… Read More »

Firefox Stops Loading Pages – Fix

Firefox stops loading pages after several hours or days of continuous use.The problem often starts with only some page loading errors: stylesheets not being applied (ugly white pages with no images), buttons not working, forms not submitting, etc., then quickly gets worse until Firefox is completely unusable and often cannot be restarted. Sound familiar? The… Read More »