Kill Tomcat on Mac

How To Kill Tomcat on Mac when IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse has crashed or you forgot to stop Tomcat before closing Eclipse. Step 1: find which java process is Tomcat Start Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities), then order list by Process name Scroll to find java processes Note the PID #’s (process ID’s) Step 2: Pause java… Read More »

Android Security Fix MMS Flaw

Android security fix MMS flaw – Turn Off MMS Message Auto retrieve. Below is only a workaround for Android’s MMS Security Flaw (aka Stagefright) Please update your Android phone ASAP.  There are several other flaws related to Stagefright that this workaround will not help! Android Security Fix Steps Step 1 – Hangouts or Messaging If you’re… Read More »

Android Studio – Failed to Sync Gradle project – Fix

Matching SDK versions identified in build.gradle (Module: app) with the SDK versions you have installed via SDK Manager, then “Sync Now”, will fix most Android Studio build errors. Common Android Studio build errors: Failed to Sync Gradle project Failed to find target android-21 Install missing platform(s) and sync project If you’re building / running someone else’s project… Read More »

Android Studio Git Clone Push Pull Repository

For personal development in Android Studio, using BitBucket as remote repository here’s my VCS workflow using Git. Android Studio VCS setup for untracked project: VCS -> Import into Version Control Create Git Repository Add files & directories to track in Git, using File Explorer (left window) Since these are personal private projects, git add all Android… Read More »

Undelete Mac Files Free

To undelete Mac files free, here is a step-by-step guide to using a free Mac undelete program called Photorec by Christophe GRENIER of CG Security.  (Huge thanks to Christophe for making this program and making it free to the world.) Overview – Undelete Mac Files Free Download Mac undelete program – photorec/testdisk Unzip program Use Terminal program to run… Read More »

Safari most efficient browser on Mac

Safari uses the least amount of battery amperage compared to Firefox and Chrome on Apple MacBook’s.  In a quick test of watching YouTube videos in browsers here’s how much battery/energy each browser used: Safari: 1250 mA Firefox: 1600mA Chrome: 3600mA Chrome is far and away the most power hungry web browser on Mac OS X, using… Read More »

MacBook Fix Fast Battery Drain

To debug and fix a MacBook fast draining battery try the following solutions / fixes. First find out how fast your MacBook is draining its battery by using System Information (Apple logo top left corner, About This Mac, More Info, System Report, Power). Look at the Amperage (mA) value.  Unplug your MacBook if you’re running… Read More »

Securely Delete Linux Server

Shutting down and deleting a Linux server securely – overwrite disk data using: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdXXX bs=1048576 where sdXXX is found by using df which returns something like Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/xvda 98438788 29142068 64296324 32% / varrun 524288 44 524244 1% /var/run varlock 524288 4 524284 1% /var/lock udev 524288… Read More »