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iPod Touch Wifi Password

Our brand new iPod Touch 16GB version 2 arrived today.  First problem: can’t connect to wifi router (Wanadoo/Orange). Our wireless password was not accepted.  After entering the wifi password multiple times we discovered that the wireless password on the iPod is case sensitive (capital letters vs. small letters makes a difference). Entering the WEP/WPA wireless… Read More »

Deleting Locked Files in Leopard OS X

Can’t empty the trash bin because some files are locked? “Operation not permitted” when moving files? Try unlocking the files first in Finder. Open Finder. Highlight the files in question. Right click on the files and select Get Info. Uncheck the Locked checkbox. Continue deleting or moving the files as you please.

AirPort wireless connection Drops on Leopard 10.5.2

Symptoms AirPort wireless connection randomly stops working, even though signal strength to base station is good. Wireless connection strength drops, clicking on AirPort starts scanning, wireless strength returns to full, but Internet connection is lost. Can’t create wireless connection to DLink DIR-625 wireless router after upgrading to 10.5.2. Possible Causes AirPort attempts to connect to… Read More »

Slow Internet with Leopard

How to fix Slow Web Browsing and Slow Internet in Leopard (10.5.x) Symptoms Web pages load slowly in Safari or Firefox in Leopard. Web sites won’t load, only load partially, stop loading after a few hours. Slow DNS (domain name) lookup in Leopard. First load of web site is slow with “looking up domain” in… Read More »

Automountd trying to connect to Backups.backupdb

An explanation of why automountd is trying to find Backups.backupdb on the Internet… I woke up this morning with a warning from Little Snitch outbound firewall that automountd wants to connect to Backups.backupdb on port 111. Here’s what I’ve discovered since then. automountd is a system service which mounts and unmounts network file systems (NFS)… Read More »