How to play / watch .iso dvd movie files in Mac OS X Leopard

Apple DVD Player Play ISO filmsTo play a movie that is saved in ISO file format on Mac OS X, start the built-in DVD Player (find it in the Applications Folder, it won’t be on the Dock at the bottom of your screen by default).

Then in Finder (or on your Desktop) double click the ISO file to “mount” the ISO movie file.  Apple DVD Player will automatically recognize that a movie DVD has been loaded and will start playing the movie immediately.

That’s all there is to playing movie DVD’s saved as ISO files on your Mac with Leopard OS X.

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this doesn’t work just says some junk about protected

same thing with mine! says the media file is not supported.

the media file is not supported.

bless you!! this is just what i needed! i was opening things in the wrong order…one wouldn’t think it would matter so much! finally : D

this works, just use dvd player, it works on snowleopard, just start dvd player first, and then mount the iso, and it starts automaticly

Whenever I try to do this a box pops up saying “The following disk images failed to mount. Reason: not recognized”

this didnt work for me either. Just use VLC. Mount iso by clicking on file.
open vlc. File - open file - point to the mounted iso and voila! gotta love vlc. :-)

This worked first time for me, thank you very much. All I did was mount the iso so it appeared in finder with the relevant vob files etc… then i went to applications and opened up dvd player which i never even knew i had b4 this thread, and voila, the dvd played first time, thank u very much sir, appreciated.

Finder just ends up showing me a folder with BUP and other files.

Not sure what “mounting” is supposed to mean, or do…

Shouldn’t this sort of thing be really EASY on a Mac?


Works fine! useful tip! not sure if it makes a diff but i used dvd shrink to create iso.

Had a lot of trouble loading DVDs until today… Thanks a lot for the useful tip :)

Thank you much!

thank you! works :)

This worked perfectly for me!
Thank you very much for posting!! :)

no.. it doesn’t work..

Worked Perfectly for me! :) I opened DVD Player and then double clicked the iso file and boom! :)