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Securely Delete Linux Server

Shutting down and deleting a Linux server securely – overwrite disk data using: dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/sdXXX bs=1048576 where sdXXX is found by using df which returns something like Filesystem 1K-blocks Used Available Use% Mounted on /dev/xvda 98438788 29142068 64296324 32% / varrun 524288 44 524244 1% /var/run varlock 524288 4 524284 1% /var/lock udev 524288… Read More »

Complete Uninstall Eye-Fi

After finding Jeff Tchang’s Python (programming language) Eye-Fi lightweight file transfer server, I’ve decided to uninstall completely the Eye-Fi Center and Helper from my Mac.  Mostly because the Eye-Fi Helper continues to start on boot of my Mac, even after I’ve set it to Not Start on Boot. There’s no uninstaller for Eye-Fi Center &… Read More »

Macbook Retina – Can’t wake from sleep

Opening the lid of MacBook Pro Retina from sleep, I sometimes get black screen and no wake up.  Only solution is to hold down the start key and do a cold reboot.  Keyboard function still appears to work somewhat (caps lock lights).  Changing brightness keys do nothing (nor a bunch of random button mashing, unplugging… Read More »

Google Chrome Retina support web browser

Download Chrome beta with Retina support (code name Canary) from Google Tools. While Safari 6 problems on Retina Macbook Pro solutions are being found, Chrome beta with Retina display support can be an alternate solution, albeit with its own set of problems. Word of warning: as of August 4, 2012, Chrome beta Canary is still… Read More »

Use MacBook Pro Lid Closed

MacBook Pro’s are able to run with their lid closed (clamshell mode) when connected to an external display as long as you’ve connected a usb keyboard and mouse (likely either/or) to the laptop before closing the lid. Closing the lid after connecting the external keyboard/mouse, will put the MacBook Pro to sleep, but clicking/moving the… Read More »