Robotium reference

Enter text EditText / text field solo.enterText((EditText) solo.getView(, “”); Click Button solo.clickOnButton(“Login”); Check for Toast Text Message assertTrue(solo.waitForText(getActivity().getResources() .getString(R.string.msg_login_failed)));     More to come…

Android Robolectric Support Fragment FragmentTestUtil

To use Android Support Fragment v4 in Robolectric 3.0 you must add gradle dependency in /app/build.gradle testCompile ‘org.robolectric:shadows-support-v4:3.0’ Then import into your Robolectric testing java class import; then you can create/start android support v4 fragments within your Robolectric testing java class for unit testing: SupportFragmentTestUtil.startVisibleFragment(fragment); Cross posted to StackOverflow Android Robolectric Support Fragment.

Android Studio generate foreach loop

Begin typing foreach until autocomplete pops up.  Select “Create a for each loop”. You’ll then get an empty for each loop that you can start filling in, first supplying the Type of each object, a variable name of your choice for that object, then hit Enter to move to the name of the variable (a… Read More »

Pause genymotion Android Emulator on Mac

To Pause genymotion Android Emulator on Mac: Press the power button of emulator (bottom right corner) This is equivalent to executing “avd stop” within adb shell on the emulator Find the process ID number of VBoxHeadless using Activity Monitor In Terminal: kill -STOP <ID number from step 2> Your emulator is now effectively paused and uses no… Read More »

Android Studio androidTest sourceSets gradle not recognized

Android Studio (app) build.gradle sourceSets androidTest java.srcDir property may not be recognized when using the array format of this source directory property setting. BAD sourceSets { androidTest { java.srcDirs = [‘androidTest/java’] } } GOOD sourceSets { androidTest { java.srcDir file(‘androidTest/java’) } } For setting up Robotium UI / Integration testing, it’s important that your androidTest source directory… Read More »

Android Fix Failed to Find Build Tools Revision

Failed to Find Build Tools Revision 2X.X.X Android Build tools get updated often and whenever an Android project you import that is using a different Build Tools Revision than the one you’re using, you’ll see this error in Android Studio. To fix “Failed to Find Build Tools Revision” you have 2 options: Install the missing… Read More »

Kill Tomcat on Mac

How To Kill Tomcat on Mac when IntelliJ IDEA or Eclipse has crashed or you forgot to stop Tomcat before closing Eclipse. Step 1: find which java process is Tomcat Start Activity Monitor (Applications > Utilities), then order list by Process name Scroll to find java processes Note the PID #’s (process ID’s) Step 2: Pause java… Read More »

Android Security Fix MMS Flaw

Android security fix MMS flaw – Turn Off MMS Message Auto retrieve. Below is only a workaround for Android’s MMS Security Flaw (aka Stagefright) Please update your Android phone ASAP.  There are several other flaws related to Stagefright that this workaround will not help! Android Security Fix Steps Step 1 – Hangouts or Messaging If you’re… Read More »