Turn Off iPod Touch/iPhone Auto-Correct Predictive Text

The latest release of iPod touch/iPhone software version 2.2 allows one to turn off the often idiotic auto-correction that rears its ugly head when typing in search boxes and elsewhere.

You can find this in Settings -> Keyboard Settings.


(photo courtesy of David Worni)





5 responses to “Turn Off iPod Touch/iPhone Auto-Correct Predictive Text”

  1. killingspree Avatar

    Cool iPhone blog, I hope you’re going to do some articles on the iPhone 3G S as well.

  2. Rhett Roszales Avatar

    just bought an iPhone 3G for my mom as a birthday present. she is very happy about her new iPhone.. `

  3. jna Avatar

    Thanks… It was too annoying for me….
    when I search for it on google, your link came first to me…


  4. Lee Avatar

    Know this is really old but just wanna say thanks for the tip, it’s been a pain in the backside for a long time!

  5. Alex Avatar

    Thank you so much, the damn thing was driving me nuts.

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