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  • Tips on applying iSkin iPod/iPhone screen film

    Here’s how to attach the iPod Touch/iPhone screen film from iSkin without bubbles (and avoiding the seven layers of hell while doing so). Wear polyester based clothing (which doesn’t produce dust). Start the process in a room that is the most dust free in your house.ย  Perhaps your kitchen. Have the screen film, the anti-static…

  • Turn Off iPod Touch/iPhone Auto-Correct Predictive Text

    The latest release of iPod touch/iPhone software version 2.2 allows one to turn off the often idiotic auto-correction that rears its ugly head when typing in search boxes and elsewhere. You can find this in Settings -> Keyboard Settings. Hoo-ray! (photo courtesy of David Worni)

  • iPod Touch Wifi Password

    Our brand new iPod Touch 16GB version 2 arrived today.ย  First problem: can’t connect to wifi router (Wanadoo/Orange). Our wireless password was not accepted.ย  After entering the wifi password multiple times we discovered that the wireless password on the iPod is case sensitive (capital letters vs. small letters makes a difference). Entering the WEP/WPA wireless…