Complete Uninstall Eye-Fi

After finding Jeff Tchang’s Python (programming language) Eye-Fi lightweight file transfer server, I’ve decided to uninstall completely the Eye-Fi Center and Helper from my Mac.  Mostly because the Eye-Fi Helper continues to start on boot of my Mac, even after I’ve set it to Not Start on Boot.

There’s no uninstaller for Eye-Fi Center & Helper, so you’ll need to:

  • Quit Eye-Fi Center (if it’s running)
  • Quit the Eye-Fi Helper in the top right menu bar (if it’s running, looks like Wi-Fi icon with a dot at bottom)
  • in Finder, drag and drop Eye-Fi folder into your Trash Bin
  • in Terminal (Applications –> Utilities –> Terminal) delete the remaining files
    • rm ~/Library/Preferences/
    • rm -r ~/Library/Eye-Fi

Then empty the Trash Bin.  And you’ve uninstalled Eye-Fi.






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