Safari 6 Macbook Pro Retina Mountain Lion Problems

Stuttering, flashing, missing page parts, delayed typing/keyboard reaction, character corruption are Safari problems (Safari version 6) seen under Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8) on Macbook Pro Retina.  The current Safari 6 version 8536.25 (check in the menu bar by clicking Safari –> About Safari) seems to only have serious issues on Macbook Pro Retina, not on other Macbook’s like the Macbook Air.


Most people are guessing it’s javascript processing that’s causing the issues, but there isn’t any official response from Apple as of yet.

Here are some forum threads where others have noted the same Mac Safari problems

Here are some visuals of issues:



courtesy of gnuyoga






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  3. Howard Avatar

    I’m having the same problems. I thought my new Macbook might be broken but realized it didn’t have the same issues when using Chrome.

    It’s really frustrating.

  4. strk Avatar

    I have the same problem on my MBP Hi-Res 15″ (not retina), still waiting for an update from Apple.

  5. Marco Vega Avatar

    Same problems here (Retina). By the way, your Apple Forum link is linking to macrumors.

  6. Luc Peeters Avatar

    Same problems here (Retina). Very annoying, I hope Apple comes with a fix soon…

  7. Jeff Johnson Avatar
    Jeff Johnson

    Seeing the same thing on my rMBP in 10.8.1. How did this even make it out of beta?

  8. Maxseven Avatar

    Yes! Major problems for me too, with all the aforementioned quirks. Delayed typing in the search box, and in forum messages. Screen artifacts of closed dialog/windows, and character corruption. I was creating an eBay auction yesterday and Safari slowed to a halt and kicked a beach ball into the air. I had to force quit and restart my Macbook Pro. Also, I am using a non-retina MBP.

  9. natemac Avatar

    same problem, only with macbook pro 15″ non-retina (mid 2010)

  10. nomi Avatar

    Very frustrating. Very unprofessional of Apple to role out a software that is full of bugs. MBP Retina Safari 6.0.1. No respite even after applying 10.8.2.

  11. Erick Avatar

    Totally having the same troubles too. Where is Apple on this one?

  12. Americo Avatar

    same problem also with 6.0.1 mbp retina mountain lion

  13. Mike Avatar

    SAME PROBLEM! have been back and forth w/ AppleCare for over a month, with ridiculous attempts at fixes, two repairs including a LogicBoard repair with Apple. Finally got them to send me a new one (after getting them to allow me a $100 purchase in the AppleStore for putting up w/ all this and a paid upgrade to the 512SSD 😉 ) and it started happening again in safari after a couple days. Also seems to show up faster after having my laptop hooked up to a TV via HDMI and then unplugging it. but yeah.. just downloaded Chrome and BINGO! no problem

    still ridiculous though

  14. Val Avatar

    8636.26.14 had the same problem on MBP Retina.
    Hope 26.17 fixes this

  15. dimonb Avatar

    same problem

  16. Mario Avatar

    same problem.. safari grafic problems..

  17. Denis Shevtsov Avatar
    Denis Shevtsov

    same disgusting shit, most time it’s happened when mac stay for a while and turn of display only. Then after getting back to work, this troubles begins, only whole browser reload helps to fix this. Also I found that if Safari not in fullscreen mode, it’s works perfect after resuming to work.

  18. Michael Avatar

    same here with my retina mac. hope apple is working on this issue…

  19. Wyatt Avatar

    Same problem on my macbook pro Mountain Lion (non retina). It happens in many other web pages including yahoo and even this one.

  20. Sean Avatar

    I have had three replacement Macbook Pro Retina 15″ laptops with the same exact problems: missing blocks of data (in major websites like Gmail, Amazon, etc.), gifs that stutter and do not load correctly, going back one page yields a white screen, typing into text boxes have delays / anomalies (such as right now as I type this message) etc. While I believe this to be Apple’s problem, it seems so severe that it makes me wonder if we are all running a common software that has affected Safari somehow. I’d like to post the applications I’m running, and maybe others can do the same:

    Office 2011, Photoshop CS6, Cinch, GrowlVoice, Beamer, Chrome.

    The problems start before Chrome is installed (I install Chrome to have a browser that actually works), so I don’t think it’s the problem. I’m particularly curious about Office 2011, as it’s the only problem I’ve installed that requires shutting down Safari during install.

  21. Sean Avatar

    Edit: as Office 2011 is the only PROGRAM I’ve installed that requires shutting Safari down…

  22. thus Avatar

    I have the same problem with safari on my , and I have not yet installed office, or any other program. Macbook Pro Retina 15. Stuttering gifs, white blank rectangles, etc

  23. thus Avatar

    i.e …my Macbook Pro Retina 15….

  24. Ali Avatar

    I have the same exact problem.

    I can’t even believe I’ve been dealing with it this long — I kept believing a patch would come ASAP.

    Planning on making the official switch to Chrome this weekend.

  25. Russell Avatar

    Fresh install of Mountain Lion.

    Microsoft Office 2011 (already having issue before reinstalled)


  26. Federico Puente Avatar
    Federico Puente

    Yes, same problem here.
    Safari: Version 6.0.2 (8536.26.17)
    Mac OSX 10.8.2

    And I have NO Microsoft Office installed.

  27. Angie Avatar

    I’m having the exact same problem as depicted in the photo above. Doesn’t seem to happen when I’m using Firefox. However, I’m only having this problem on my MBP 15″ and not with my iMac. Irritating as hell.

  28. Diego Avatar

    Same problems. rMBP 15″, Safari 8536.26.17

  29. Hyperborea Avatar

    Same problem since I bought the thing in June. Obviously not a hardware problem. I know it’s because of the graphics switching because it happens after running something that needs the graphics card or after resuming from sleep. I can also use gfxscardtatus (third party program) to switch gpu used and it seems to help but that’s not a fix. The fact that there have been OS updates and Safari updates and this is still a problem is BS.

    This is the worst effing apple problem I can remember in recent history and this is also the only blog that seems to have enough users with the same problem. Text boxes especially. It sucks. It’s annoying. It’s a flaw. Fix it now. Apple laptops are not cheap and I otherwise want to like it

  30. max Avatar

    same problem its annoying and I have to reload every time

  31. albugna Avatar

    same problem here

  32. Jem Avatar

    I have the same problem on my MBP 15″ Retina, still waiting for an update from Apple. : (

  33. fer Avatar

    same problem here
    mbp retina and safari 6.0.2

  34. EternallyFrustratedWithThisShite Avatar

    Oh goodness, I thought I was the only person. I just recently made the switch to mac. IT only occurs in Safari and I had office installed but I uninstalled it in hopes the problem would go away, but no. It persists. Still no word from Apple. It’s really bloody frustrating.

  35. Clint Avatar

    Same problem here…

    MBPR 15″
    Safari Version 6.0.2 (8536.26.17)

  36. alisonw Avatar

    new mbp retina 15″, safari 6.0.2, same problem

  37. Moises Avatar

    same problem macbook pro 15 i7 quadcore 8gb no retina.
    apple begin to suck

  38. Jacob Avatar

    Same problem here (retina), Get it fixed apple

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