MacBook Longer Battery Life Tip

Quick Tip for a longer MacBook Pro battery life (with LED backlit screens): Make a Hot Corner for turning off the screen and use it whenever you’re not actually looking at the screen. (System Preferences -> Desktop & Screen Saver -> Hot Corners… [button])MacBook Sleep Display Hot Corner

If you’re like me and do multiple things while working with your MacBook, there are times when you’re not actually looking at the screen.ย  Quickly swipe your mouse to the Hot Corner you’ve setup for Sleep Display and you’ll reap instant power savings with very little cost in terms of downtime/wake time.

Fluorescent tube backlit screens unfortunately have a warm-up/cool-down time that causes the screen to appear dark when first lit and slowly increase in brightness as the backlighting tube warms up.ย  LED backlit screens brighten instantly to their preset level, so take advantage of it.





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