Deleting Locked Files in Leopard OS X

Can’t empty the trash bin because some files are locked? “Operation not permitted” when moving files? Try unlocking the files first in Finder.

Open Finder. Highlight the files in question. Right click on the files and select Get Info. Uncheck the Locked checkbox.

Continue deleting or moving the files as you please.





2 responses to “Deleting Locked Files in Leopard OS X”

  1. Mark Bowen Avatar
    Mark Bowen

    You can also hold down the Option (Alt) key whilst selecting the Empty Trash menu item which will do the same thing.

    Also you can press :


    and that will do the same as selecting the menu.

    Hope that helps.


  2. Jan Starcevic Avatar

    Oh great! Thank you very much bro’ .. ๐Ÿ™‚ This is the most useful comment I have seen in a long time – it solved my locked files problem, I tried everything from apps to terminal unix commands.

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