Use MacBook Pro Lid Closed

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MacBook Pro’s are able to run with their lid closed (clamshell mode) when connected to an external display as long as you’ve connected a usb keyboard and mouse (likely either/or) to the laptop before closing the lid.

Closing the lid after connecting the external keyboard/mouse, will put the MacBook Pro to sleep, but clicking/moving the mouse or pressing keys on the keyboard will wake your Mac from sleep.

Make sure you’ve connected the external monitor before closing the lid, else the MacBook won’t display the desktop in clamshell mode.

Here are the full original instructions from Apple on how to use MacBook Pro / PowerBook G4’s with lid closed.






3 responses to “Use MacBook Pro Lid Closed”

  1. Gene t Avatar
    Gene t

    Good tip. I should note that i’m reluctant to do this with long-running apps that peg the CPUs and generate a lot of heat, like ruby or python scripts. For that i turn on the SMC fan control to 4k.

  2. Dan @ Macbook Pro Review Avatar

    I’ve had my 17 inch Macbook Pro for about 3 months now. While I’ve had some minor issues with it, overall it’s been great. I love how the keyword lights up so I can see at night. I’d recommend it to anyone who does design work.

  3. Macbook Pro Review Avatar

    The macbook pro is great. I’ve had only a minor issue with the battery so far, but something that Apple quickly fixed. Overall, it’s a great laptop.

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