5 hours 25 minutes Macbook Pro battery life

After having returned my original Macbook Pro battery (made by Sony) and receiving my new SMP made lithium-polymer battery unit, my “at rest” macbook pro battery life reads 5 hours 25 minutes upon fresh unplugging.

How long does your new Macbook Pro battery last?





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  2. Dave Avatar

    How does one obtain an SMP battery for the MacBook Pro as compared to the Sony I get every time I get a new one for my MBP?

    Are you ordering from a third party, or just getting lucky on Apple’s fulfillment from orders with them?

    I’m getting due for a new battery on my c-2006 MBP and might as well try to get the best, if SMP is indeed the best.

    Has yours stood up to the test of time three months later in terms of actual daily usage?

  3. Ben Lam Avatar
    Ben Lam

    I’m getting lucky with fulfillment from Apple warranty coverage.

    I thought that Apple had switched battery suppliers after the fiasco with the last batch of Sony’s. So by default, you should get a SMP battery. This is my assumption/guess as most people on the forums are receiving SMP batteries from this latest round of battery failures, starting around Christmas of 2007.

    My current “Full Charge Capacity” is 5465 mAh after 3 months of use. (You can find this value in Applications -> Utilities -> System Profiler -> Hardware -> Power).

    This gets me about 4 hours 30 minutes with normal web surfing/Wordpress usage.

    The Full Charge Capacity has barely changed from new. So far… this SMP battery is solid. Plus, I haven’t been nice to the battery either, using it to depletion around 5-6 times a month and here and there for short periods.

  4. Lori Cho Avatar
    Lori Cho

    My maximum charge is about 2 hours and 5 minutes. My 15-inch Macbook Pro (purchased in Aug2007) has never ever reached 4 hours. That would be a dream.

  5. Jason Avatar

    I think this is a silly post. Why do you count the idle time? What use it except to stare at your wallpaper? I have to say that I am a very disgusted owner of Macbook pro with a working battery life (opening just safari, entourage and x11) of incredible 35 minutes at full charge. I will never ever get a Mac again. Once fallen for fake advertising. Never again.

  6. Jarrod Moncur Avatar

    My maximum charge is around 3 hours or less and probably just 5 hours of usage before I need to re charge again. Is that even normal?

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