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Z Movie Club, the sister site to Z Book Club (the online book club site) has been launched.

Z Movie Club is an online movies club site where you can browse, find and discuss movies online with other movie fans.

Z Movie Club is not a site where you can download films directly, but rather, use partner sites such as MovieLink, Blockbuster, NetFlix, Amazon to rent, purchase, or download movies or do all three.

I hope you find the site useful, interesting and enjoyable. Please stop by and check out some online movies at Z Movie Club.

Z Movie Club Online Movies Home

Online Movies at Z Movie Club - Club Page - V for Vendetta

If you notice some weirdness with Online Movies at Z Movie Club, apologies. I’m still smoothing out the kinks after the launch.





4 responses to “Movies Online – Find, Browse, Discuss, Review – Z Movie Club”

  1. Aiden Thompson Avatar

    online movies are cool but i wish the quality were better.~;’

  2. Caitlin Baker Avatar

    i always watch online movies from Vimeo or Youtube, it is low resolution but most of the time sufficient.,.:

  3. Buck Hilgers Avatar

    I actually got to this blog by doing a search for movies to stream Online. May you write an article on the top movies to stream online thanks

  4. Elliot Russell Avatar

    i love to watch online movies even if the quality is not superb compared to dvds,,~

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