Play AVI DivX codec Movies on Quicktime in Mac OS X Leopard

Quicktime under Mac OS X Leopard can’t play movie or video files saved in .avi format encoded with DivX format without a little help. Also if you get no sound from avi files on your Mac, the following avi audio codec will solve that problem for you.

Here’s what you need to make Quicktime on Mac OS X Leopard (10.5) play .avi movie files:

Quicktime Video Codec – Free Xvid Quicktime Component for DivX codec avi files

Quicktime Audio Codec – A52 avi audio codec for Quicktime

(Thanks Orca for the updated A52 link)

Download both of these disk image files (.dmg) and double click them to mount these files (make them visible and accessible through Finder as another Device (top left hand corner of Finder) on your Mac.

Next we need to put these components into the right folders. Within Finder, click on the Xvid Alpha device. Within this Finder window, you should see a file named Xvid_Codec 1.0 alpha.component. You need to copy and paste this item into /Library/QuickTime/ folder on your Mac. The easiest way to find this folder is click on the first device (looks like a metal hard disk) within Finder (mine is called Leopard), then find the folder named Library, and within that, another folder named QuickTime. Paste the Xvid Alpha file into this folder (or drag and drop it if you have two Finder windows open).

QuickTime Codecs avi divx

For the audio part of playing .avi files in QuickTime you need to place the A52 codec component into /Library/Audio/Plug-ins/Components/ folder. Luckily the author of the A52 audio codec for playing avi files in Mac made shortcuts right within the .dmg file for A52 Codec. When you double click the A52Codec .dmg file you’ll see two huge arrows pointing from the codec files to the folders they should be dropped into so simply drag and drop the two files into the folders (which are actually shortcuts to the correct folders on your Mac machine).

If you want QuickTime to recognize and play Dolby AC3 encoded audio from movies, copy the AC3MovieImport component into the /Library/QuickTime folder as well. This definitely won’t hurt and you’ll probably enjoy it later.

After this if you already have QuickTime running, Quit QuickTime (Command + Q), don’t just Close it, since QuickTime will still be running in the background. You need to fully quit QuickTime and restart it for the codecs to be loaded by QuickTime, so this step is necessary.

After all this try double-clicking your .avi movie file again and see if both audio and video are now being displayed by QuickTime.

Enjoy your movies





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  2. aONe Avatar

    good post. But I really just need A52 component and Xvid, copy to /Library/Components and all works.

    One question, u know something about mpga audio codec?

  3. donkeyhotay Avatar

    Wow! Just when I was at a low point I discovered your post. I had already found the Xvid component (not realizing it was only for video) and was frustrated to get audio only on some AVI files. Goggle found your post for me, and thanks to you, I downloaded the A52 and AC3 components and now have audio AND video!

    I just need to say that I’m constantly amazed by the generosity of people like you who post helpful information like this. You didn’t have to post this, but you did, making my life (and hopefully others’) easier and more enjoyable. Thank you VERY, VERY much!

  4. paulsmyth45 Avatar

    Thanks so much very helpful! im new to using a Mac you’ve saved me from pulling my hair out!

  5. hanlons Avatar


    Great Post!

    I also stumbled across this and thought it might be my saving grace!

    All connected to my TV/Decoder:

    I get video (AVI’s) – no problem
    I get DVD’s through Front Row (with AC3/5.1) – no problem
    I get System Sound – no problem
    I get iTunes Music (sound) – no problem

    But can I get sound my AC3 encoded (via handbrake) AVI files – No – Urrggghhh!

    Can you think of anything I could try?

    I have made your recommendations and I have also followed this great link :

    But still AC3 Sound escapes me.

    Any help, much appreciated.


  6. ringostar69 Avatar

    Ok, I installed the A52 codec in both the library/Components and the Library/audio/plug-ins/components directories. Then I rebooted the Mac just to make sure they took. Still no audio.
    In other words I am having the same luck as Scott.
    The Video file I have was created with a flash to Xvid converter program on an IBM. According to Gspot the audio codec is MPEG (MP1/MP2), ISO/IEC. I am beginning to think this converter is a piece of s..t because it really seems odd to me that it wouldn’t use the A52 codec. So my next step is to find an MPEG codec to shove into quicktime.
    I have VLC player loaded and it works great.
    Anyway Scott you might want to try another DivX movie. Get a demo from somewhere.
    If any of you geniuses have any other ideas I would sure love to hear them.

  7. deckard Avatar

    Have you guys given Perian a try? I ran into an issue trying to play mkv HD video files and it seemed like Perian (a collection of various codecs packaged into an easy to install package) was the solution of choice for me. Here was my short post on that:

  8. ringostar69 Avatar

    In regards to my post above. I found that the converter I was using is converting audio to Mpeg, which, for some reason does not work with my quicktime. It does function with the VLC because the VLC has the proper codec loaded.
    After digging around and trying several converter programs I found that the AVS4YOU will do the conversion. It is the only converter that I found that allows you to select the codecs you want! The MP3,ISO MPEG-1 Layer 3 works great in my quicktime. I think, but I am not sure, that it uses the A52 codec, if not it is using one that comes in quicktime.
    The following converters, in my opinion, are junk. They use oddball codecs, and there is no way to change them: YouTube FLV to AVI suite Pro and APlusFLV2DivX. The Aplus converter is so bad that not only didn’t it work in quicktime, in failed to function in WMP 9 and Gspot failed to recognize the video codec at all. Whoever makes that sould be….
    The movies I have made with AVS4YOU work on both Quicktime and WMP9 with standard DivX codecs. They are fairly compact and appear to stream well on my IBM Servers.
    The only disadvantage is AVS4YOU is IBM only.

  9. k0rneliuz Avatar

    Nice one mate… worked a treat. Thanks

  10. erisedilla Avatar

    This worked for my video just fine but the audio was still an issue until I downloaded perian and then it all worked. Thanks for posting this!

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  14. Lynx:o Avatar

    GREAT! Thanks a lot for the much needed codec. Worked perfectly!

  15. Ivan Avatar

    Great. Thanks so much. I have not been able to play .AVI files on Mac OS 10.4.11 for 6 months – very depressing as I like the camera very much (fuji finepix S5700) and I was not looking forward to bringing it back.. anyway, the codec here has solved the problem.. nice one.

  16. Ali Avatar

    great post, only thing is that installed both the components and still nothing works. any ideas whats going on?

  17. nexenta Avatar


    My problem is related to VLC maybe is not the right post where should i ask but still..
    I use VLC because it has Subtitles engine and is quite easy to use it. I never figured how in the world I could have subtitles in Quick Time – *.sub not *.srt files. But after i downloaded the latest VLC version I observed that my VLC player freeze after a few seconds of playing.
    Do you have some ideeas?


  18. Goncalo Avatar


    After doing all the suggestions, I made simply two things. But it only worked after the second one:

    1. Installed a plugin called Perian
    2. Upgraded Dix X Codec to Div X Pro on the System Preferences Window

    Right after I’ve done this, the sound simply came back. I noticed that from the 180 days testdrive Codec I had only 15 days left. After inserting the Serial Key, it gave me unlimited use, hence the SOUND CAME BACK!

    Hope it helps.

  19. Raul Avatar

    This worked like a charm! Thanks for the post!

  20. Felix Avatar

    This was great. Really appreciate the great explanation, the links and how it works. 5 out of 5 stars for this work!

  21. xShadow88x Avatar

    Thanks for Perian! Deckard u saved my life. Thanks

  22. REYNE Avatar

    Congrats on a good post and considering how much I like and use Quicktime, I must say that VLC is far easier and convenient for playback.

    It’s also free as a bird and takes far less CPU time 😉

  23. Problem Child Avatar

    Perian finally got audio for me in my avi files 🙂 thanx!

  24. Natalie Avatar

    Thanks so much! I followed your instructions and finally got my dvds to play! Well done on an excellent post

  25. Jack Avatar

    Thanks for this explanation, Leopard. I installed the Xvid quicktime component for mac but still couldn’t see the video of avi files. Any suggestion? Thank you!

  26. brady Avatar

    downloaded both and still dosnt work?! any ideas!? hmmm

  27. brady Avatar

    just downloaded perian also and it still dosnt play .avi!!!! any suggestions!

  28. Paul Avatar

    I could not figure out what was going wrong, but this fixed my lack of audio problem. Thanks for posting this!

  29. Callaghan Avatar

    Thanks for the post. Didn’t work for me originally, so I installed Perian, which worked like a charm.

  30. Brady Avatar

    perian still dosnt work for me? do i need to delete the other 2 downloads for it to work?

  31. vinny Avatar

    i cant get the audio to work!!!

    i tried installing perian.. then going to the old perian 1.0 and then installing the new divx and taking the new divx off and of course the 2 codecs u put above but the audio still wont work… PLEASE HELP I NEED THE AUDIO for home videos…..

    please help me fix thisssssssssssss

  32. 1 Punch Jackson !! Avatar
    1 Punch Jackson !!

    Top man….. Thank you very much !!

    Just brought my Macbook 2weeks ago and it nearly went out the window after downloading movies, and not getting any sound…

    Thanks again


  33. Narita Avatar

    I have both but QT stiil no audio, I usually play on VLC and it works fine. Now my problem is when i burn them to DVDs and when i tried to play them on my DVDplayer no sound comes out just like in QT

  34. Misha Avatar

    Thanks a lot!!!
    Now I can use on my MAC only 1 player instead of VLC for .avi files and quicktime for other video formats.

  35. Marjo Avatar

    Thank you so much! This is a great post! 😀 Really helpful! 😀 Keep on posting!

  36. Mosscat Avatar

    Great stuff! Instructions on the original post work great!!! Thanks for the info!!

  37. Gerry Avatar

    Fantastic and easy to follow installation instructions. I could not get video or audio before, and after installing the components, i got video!!!

    Then I installed Perian, and I got audio as well. No need to reboot my macbook, just re-open Quicktime.

    Thankyou so much, you guys are tops!!!

  38. photogirl Avatar

    Perian worked like a charm!!!! Thanks Deckard!! 🙂

  39. Jamie Avatar

    Thanks a lot. Great article, very helpful

  40. Alina Avatar

    this article was really helpful. thanks

  41. Yug Modnar Avatar
    Yug Modnar

    Perian did the trick. Cheers.

  42. Emily Avatar

    I Did all this but I still don’t receive any sound

  43. Dudi Avatar


    I was having the same problem as everyone else which is SOUND does not work on QUICKTIME only when trying to play an .avi file (films/videos)

    After Installing the Codes the this poster advised – This did not solve the problem for me like a few other people, I followed the guy who posted this advice hereunder:

    1. Installed a plugin called Perian
    2. Upgraded my DixX Codec to DivX Pro which is in the System Preferences Window

    and sound has returned, i’m not sure which of the 2 solved it as I was in a hurry to try all avenues so i tried everything and then restarted quicktime and voila.



  44. sukun Avatar

    thanks a lot: only problem, I don’t have any QuickTime folder in my Library (!!). SO I created one and it works… don’t ask me how. Do you have any suggestions?

    and also: how to read MPEG and WMA files?

    thanks again

  45. Jeff Avatar

    I found that just installing the DivX Codec ( worked best for me! If you installed the
    Quicktime Video Codec – Free Xvid Quicktime Component for DivX codec avi files
    and the
    Quicktime Audio Codec – A52 avi audio codec for Quicktime
    like the original post suggests. Then, delete those files. although the Quicktime Audio Codec – A52 did not affect the playback of the avi movie I would remove it to avoid possible problems in the future. I would rather only have a few components in the “/Library/QuickTime/” folder for future troubleshooting, than to deal with an abundance of possible problem components.

  46. davis moes Avatar
    davis moes

    thanks so much!! worked perfectly

  47. morganm2 Avatar

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    I just got a mac and was searching for the past two days on codecs and I had similar files but NO DIRECTIONS on how or where to put/install them.
    So thanks again 🙂

  48. Abby Avatar

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  49. MacBook Confused Avatar
    MacBook Confused

    I downloaded all sorts of things, , , sometimes there was video but no sound, sometimes the video was flashing, and finally, thank God, I tried Perian alone, and my videos work perfectly.
    Thank you

  50. Dean Avatar

    Perian worked for me when the A52 codec mentioned in this article did not.

  51. DonkeyHotay Avatar

    Perian also worked for me. It does seem to make a difference whether or not you remove older codecs as Perian suggests ( I didn’t do this the first time I installed Perian and had no luck. I went back, uninstalled Perian (you need to go to System Prefs > Perian and click on General > Remove Perian) removed an old divx codec, reinstalled Perian and now my AVI movies play with audio and video (How novel! Thanks for nothing, Apple!). Of course, the next time Apple upgrades QuickTime, this will probably all break again. As Joe Biden might say about Apple “I love ’em. God bless their hearts. But why do they have to fix what’s not broken.” Anyway, thanks for the help here! YOU ROCK!

  52. TCallis Avatar

    Thank YOU!

  53. Luke Avatar

    Thats F***ing brilliant!! thank you very much.

  54. Dr Sound Avatar
    Dr Sound

    Great stuff! I downloaded the XviD component and the A52 audio codec and those were no problem. BUT I’ve got one BIG problem…QuickTime is not in my library. What haven’t I done right?

  55. popo Avatar

    If it’s not a DivX file—and if you’re adventurous enough to step outside the comfy confines of QuickTime— I recommend trying either MPlayer OS X or VLC Media Player. These excellent and free multimedia players can tackle many of the video formats unknown to QuickTime. My favorite is MPlayer OS X. I’ve thrown nearly every type of AVI file I could find at it, with great results. It also lets you use the arrow keys to skip backward or forward during playback—a feature QuickTime doesn’t offer.

  56. Chiznatch Avatar

    I just bought a mac book and trying to go from vista to leopard isn’t easy for me but if I had 10 thumbs they’d all be for you!

  57. Michael Galvin Avatar
    Michael Galvin

    worked fabulous for me, thank you!

  58. bell Avatar

    thankyou very much! its taken me all week to finally find something that works. your a champion!

  59. Kat Avatar

    Great instructions. Thanks for a quick fix.

  60. Roz Avatar

    Thanks for this! Finally able to view .avi files.

    Great post.

  61. maccolar Avatar

    Nice guide, thanks for sharing, and you can convert avi video to mov video, then you can play it on quicktime.

  62. Liz Avatar



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  64. Vicki Avatar

    Thank you for this! It fixed all of my issues quickly and easily.

  65. Roberta Avatar

    I’ve copied the files to the correct folders and reopened QT. For some weird reason, all I get is a black screen with no audio. Anyone had this problem?

  66. Emily K Avatar
    Emily K

    Thank you for the great post. I’m having a bit of a problem.

    I tried to play an avi (xvid) file on Quicktime. No audio, perfect video resulted. So I read this post. Got the video codec (since the audio seems to be included in Perian now, which I have).

    Played the file: great audio, jumpy and then frozen video. I tried reloading Perian. Is there somewhere I can just get the audio codec listed here? Is there another course of action I should take?

  67. Emily K Avatar
    Emily K

    Never mind, the problem was fixed by taking the advice from the comments and downloading VLC

    – it’s working perfectly now.

  68. Mike Avatar

    You’re still getting raves more than a year after posting this. You can include mine. Thanks so much! 🙂

  69. […] the original: Play AVI DivX codec Movies on Quicktime in Mac OS X Leopard | Mac OS X Leopard & Tiger Dual Boot Share and […]

  70. Helen Avatar

    Thanks a lot! work well for me, solve two problems at same time~

  71. Ivan Avatar

    Thank you very much for your post! Apple support for this (no audio in avi files) was bad, but You are Great! Also, iDVD it was freeze when it worked with avi files. Solve two problems at same time! Thanks a lot Again.

  72. […] Quicktime is basically telling you that you need to install an AVI codec (the software that allows the encoding/decoding of a particular media type). There are few options for AVI files, here is a decent place to start. Googling for AVI Quicktime OSX will also provide more options Play AVI DivX codec Movies on Quicktime in Mac OS X Leopard | Mac OS X Leopard & Tiger Dual Boot […]

  73. […] this will help? Play AVI DivX codec Movies on Quicktime in Mac OS X Leopard | Mac OS X Leopard & Tiger Dual Boot I use quick time pro and the DIVX codec so i haven’t run into any problem like this before. […]

  74. eirini Avatar

    Thank you so much for the information. I looked everywhere on the web… no results. But now with your advice everythings fine.


  75. z Avatar

    Swwwweeeet dude!

  76. Aud Avatar

    Thanks a mil! :o)

  77. supernova Avatar

    On the spot! Many thanks for your time! With guys like you, there’s hope for the human race after all!

  78. shannon Avatar

    I just want to say thank you so much. This was very helpful! My quicktime player was only telling me that I needed the XviD and said nothing about needing to download something for audio. I was very bummed when my movies were playing at last but with no sound. So thanks!

  79. ryan Avatar

    Awesome. Saved me a bunch of trouble. Thanks

  80. nacho Avatar

    gracias man!

  81. Lizzy Avatar

    Singularly the most helpful piece of Mac advice I’ve ever read – works perfectly. I wish you a long and joyous life.

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  83. Peliculas Online Avatar

    Muy buena pagina en horabuena

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    Thank you! you made my day!

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    Thank you so much!! This article and Peruin saved my life!

  86. Gustavo Avatar

    Hi !
    this post was just great ! Tks! Finally it works for sound and video.

    Would anyone know how we can have either (or prefereably both) DivX Player for Mac or Quick Time intepret .srt (subtitles) files?


  87. Alex Avatar

    I know its repetitive, but, the shit works. I was trying to watch AVI files before, that even paid Flip4Mac couldnt get to run. Found this, 5 minutes later, I’m up and running. Incredible.

  88. Oliver Avatar


  89. Kara Avatar

    Just to repeat what everyone else has said – THANK YOU!!! I was about to pull my hair out and give up.

  90. Knutte3 Avatar

    Thank a lot for your help 😀 saved me there XP

  91. Megan Larson Avatar
    Megan Larson

    You can also use Elmedia Player to play AVI format encoded with DivX.

  92. Olin Demase Avatar

    Today, I went to the beach front with my kids. I found a sea shell and gave it to my 4 year old daughter and said “You can hear the ocean if you put this to your ear.” She put the shell to her ear and screamed. There was a hermit crab inside and it pinched her ear. She never wants to go back! LoL I know this is completely off topic but I had to tell someone!

  93. Tina Paice Avatar
    Tina Paice

    Thanku Thanku Thanku ,Being new to macs your site was so helpful to me i have a lot of avi files some would play some wouldn’t i followed your instructions to the letter and now they all work and Thanku again
    Its sites like yours that really help people and i appreciate the time that you spend doing this

  94. Nat Avatar

    THANK you so much, worked an absolute TREAT, very simple and your instructions were too easy!!! :)))

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    Little Elvei

    Thank you sooo much, this was a great help for me 🙂

  96. Shari Avatar

    Thanks so much! Worked like a charm, and your instructions were very clear!

  97. Orca Avatar

    I Finally got it working Thankfully but The A52 component I had to download by itself, as the link given above only takes you to the site that says is now only maintained in perian, and to download perian.

    I have included the link to download JUST the A52 codec part of perian below;

    Quicktime Audio Codec – A52 AVI Audio Codec For Quicktime

    I am running Mac OS X Mountain Lion and Quicktime 7 Pro and this work for me (Just remember to read and it should for you too).

    Thanks for all your help!!!

  98. ana Avatar

    thanks!! was really really helpful!!!

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