Quick Look shortcut: Space Bar

It couldn’t be more simple (a bit too simple).  Want to quick look a file, any file? Single click the item or arrow over to it and hit Space Bar.  This toggles up the item for viewing in Quick Look.  Hit Space Bar again to un-quick look it.

Update: April 24, 2013: To open up the file you have open in Quick Look, hit key combination Command + Down Arrow.  This is the normal launch/open hot key combo for opening any file, under Quick Look or not.  The file will still remain open in Quick Look when you do this.

Quick Look toggled window





3 responses to “Quick Look shortcut: Space Bar”

  1. Will Mackie Avatar
    Will Mackie

    I used this feature, and then tried to rename a file whilst Quicklook was still open. When I tried to enter a space in the filename, it didn’t let me and the spacebar hasn’t worked for anything since. After trying a couple of suggestions I found on the Apple forums, I am probably now going to have to reinstall Leopard. Be warned.

  2. Richard Avatar

    I was also hoping to find a shortcut to open a file after seeing it in quick look, but have not succeeded. Anyone?

  3. Ben Lam Avatar
    Ben Lam

    Hey Richard, I just updated the article with the hot key combo for opening files from quick look: Command + Down Arrow, the normal file open hot key combo.

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