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Slow Internet with Leopard

How to fix Slow Web Browsing and Slow Internet in Leopard (10.5.x) Symptoms Web pages load slowly in Safari or Firefox in Leopard. Web sites won’t load, only load partially, stop loading after a few hours. Slow DNS (domain name) lookup in Leopard. First load of web site is slow with “looking up domain” in… Read More »

Debugging Mac OS X DNS – tcpdump

Need to debug a slow Internet connection in OS X? Or simply have a desire to watch incoming and outgoing DNS (domain name service) queries in Leopard? Then tcpdump is your friend. Open a terminal window and use the following command: sudo tcpdump -i en1 -s 128 port 53 -i Sets which interface to listen… Read More »

Automountd trying to connect to Backups.backupdb

An explanation of why automountd is trying to find Backups.backupdb on the Internet… I woke up this morning with a warning from Little Snitch outbound firewall that automountd wants to connect to Backups.backupdb on port 111. Here’s what I’ve discovered since then. automountd is a system service which mounts and unmounts network file systems (NFS)… Read More »

Joining Split files on Mac

With large files, sometimes it’s easier handling them split into many smaller files.  In order to rejoin the files one typically uses a file joining program.  I came across two that could possibly perform file joins: MacHacha and Split & Concat. Turns out that MacHacha has some issues, perhaps related to Leopard, as after reaching… Read More »

Why Apple is Selling More Macs

Vista sucks. OS X rocks. Web Apps. Mac Bling. Mac at Last Gen PC Price. Bootcamp parachute. Points 1 & 2 are self-explanatory. 3. Web Apps People are no longer afraid of not being able to run their Windows apps because… nearly everything is becoming a web application. The only thing you need to run… Read More »