You are currently browsing articles tagged cuil., a Google search competitor, launched today, July 28, 2008 and I’m happy for it.  But, they’ve got a long way to go to unseat Google as the search king.

They claim to rank content rather than popularity (number of incoming links to a web site). Unfortunately, that type of understanding programmed into software is a long way off.

A simple search for “carte orange”, the Paris public transportation pass, returns a lot of weak results on Cuil:

Whereas on Google, the majority on spot on for finding good in-depth information on the correct subject:

Cuil has some nice features though: pictures in search results, category refinement (search within search results by clicking on a category), and instant search suggestions which are already quite good.

Google has gotten lonely up at the top.  It’s nice that Cuil may give them some competition.