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Most efficient Mac browser Safari

Safari is the most efficient Mac browser using the least amount of battery power (amperage) compared to Firefox and Chrome on Apple MacBooks.  In a quick test of watching YouTube videos in browsers here’s how much battery/energy each browser used: Safari: 1250 mA Firefox: 1600mA Chrome: 3600mA Chrome is far and away the most power hungry… Read More »

Firefox 3 for Speed

It’s early in the honeymoon phase with Firefox 3 or more accurately infatuation “I just met you” phase, but FF3 appears as fast (or faster) than both Safari and Camino.  That’s fast.  Ridiculously fast when you consider that it has the power of the largest Add-Ons base, plus the best overall standards support of any… Read More »

Joining Split files on Mac

With large files, sometimes it’s easier handling them split into many smaller files.  In order to rejoin the files one typically uses a file joining program.  I came across two that could possibly perform file joins: MacHacha and Split & Concat. Turns out that MacHacha has some issues, perhaps related to Leopard, as after reaching… Read More »

Is your Mac Safe, Secure, Private and Protected? Little Snitch can help.

 My solution to keep Mac OS X protected from trojans and other nasty Internet virus related problems is an easy to use, easy to understand firewall software: Little Snitch. Having a virus attack your computer and render it useless is annoying. Having a trojan install itself on your computer and send out your sensitive personal… Read More »

Pimp my Mac – Laser Etching Personalization

As if you’re brushed aluminum case of your G5 or MacBook Pro didn’t stand out enough already, you can get custom laser etching of designs and pictures on your case now. Check out some of these MacBook Pro laser etched case designs. Share this: