Tag: Gradle

  • Refresh Gradle build.gradle Dependencies

    In Project Explorer: Right click on Gradle project Gradle Refresh All New dependencies should be downloaded and project refreshed. Java import statements for new Gradle project dependencies should work after this.

  • Eclipse – Add Java Gradle Project to existing Eclipse Project

    How to add a java Gradle Project into an existing Eclipse project Start by importing your required Java Gradle projects into Eclipse’s Project Explorer. Highlight your main project in Project Explorer. This is the project you want to add a Gradle java project to (so you can use import statements on packages found in the other Gradle project).…

  • Android Studio – Failed to Sync Gradle project – Fix

    Matching SDK versions identified in build.gradle (Module: app) with the SDK versions you have installed via SDK Manager, then “Sync Now”, will fix most Android Studio build errors. Common Android Studio build errors: Failed to Sync Gradle project Failed to find target android-21 Install missing platform(s) and sync project If you’re building / running someone else’s project…