Joining Split files on Mac

By | May 15, 2008

With large files, sometimes it’s easier handling them split into many smaller files.  In order to rejoin the files one typically uses a file joining program.  I came across two that could possibly perform file joins: MacHacha and Split & Concat.

Turns out that MacHacha has some issues, perhaps related to Leopard, as after reaching the last file of a 75 part file series, it simply hung on searching for the next part (which didn’t exist).

Split & Concat on the other hand, handled the files without issue and has the option of specifying the output directory though the Options button before the start of a join session.

My vote goes to Split & Concat for file joining software on Mac OS X.

3 thoughts on “Joining Split files on Mac

  1. needhelp

    hey, thanks for the tutorial. i’ve tried what you’ve done. everytime i try to concat/join the file i got a new file. when i open the new file it only contains the first file and the other files that got .002 etc is not in it, so its not joined, what should i do? please help 🙂

  2. blahh

    yeah… same problem here… but when i try to concat the file, it says not enough disk space. pls help… thanks

  3. Taki

    @needhelp mine is doing the same thing, at first. Check the file info if and look at the file name if it has different name as other.


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