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Pause genymotion Android Emulator on Mac

To Pause genymotion Android Emulator on Mac: Press the power button of emulator (bottom right corner) This is equivalent to executing “avd stop” within adb shell on the emulator Find the process ID number of VBoxHeadless using Activity Monitor In Terminal: kill -STOP <ID number from step 2> Your emulator is now effectively paused and uses no… Read More »

Android Studio androidTest sourceSets gradle not recognized

Android Studio (app) build.gradle sourceSets androidTest java.srcDir property may not be recognized when using the array format of this source directory property setting. BAD sourceSets { androidTest { java.srcDirs = [‘androidTest/java’] } } GOOD sourceSets { androidTest { java.srcDir file(‘androidTest/java’) } } For setting up Robotium UI / Integration testing, it’s important that your androidTest source directory… Read More »