Monthly Archives: January 2013

Complete Uninstall Eye-Fi

After finding Jeff Tchang’s Python (programming language) Eye-Fi lightweight file transfer server, I’ve decided to uninstall completely the Eye-Fi Center and Helper from my Mac.  Mostly because the Eye-Fi Helper continues to start on boot of my Mac, even after I’ve set it to Not Start on Boot.

There’s no uninstaller for Eye-Fi Center & Helper, so you’ll need to:

  • Quit Eye-Fi Center (if it’s running)
  • Quit the Eye-Fi Helper in the top right menu bar (if it’s running, looks like Wi-Fi icon with a dot at bottom)
  • in Finder, drag and drop Eye-Fi folder into your Trash Bin
  • in Terminal (Applications –> Utilities –> Terminal) delete the remaining files
    • rm ~/Library/Preferences/
    • rm -r ~/Library/Eye-Fi

Then empty the Trash Bin.  And you’ve uninstalled Eye-Fi.

Macbook Retina – Can’t wake from sleep

Opening the lid of MacBook Pro Retina from sleep, I sometimes get black screen and no wake up.  Only solution is to hold down the start key and do a cold reboot.  Keyboard function still appears to work somewhat (caps lock lights).  Changing brightness keys do nothing (nor a bunch of random button mashing, unplugging attached accessories like wireless mouse receiver, headphones, external monitors).

My MacBook Retina is running basic OS X 10.8.2 Mountain Lion (haven’t yet installed Supplemental Update 1.0 as of January 2013).


Opening Terminal (Applications –> Utilities –> Terminal) and going to the log directory (cd /var/log) and checking which log files have been updated recently (ls -lTt) nothing out of the ordinary appears.  So I check system.log (less system.log).

Paging up and down the log file I notice a few things show up a lot:

  • mdworker: Unable to talk to lsboxd
  • sandboxd[1016] ([1015]): mdworker(1015) deny mach-lookup
  • kernel[0]: Sandbox: sandboxd(1016) deny mach-lookup

Will try the solution of rebooting Mac into safe mode, then rebooting normally.  Apparently it’s helped to reduce the occurrences of “Unable to talk to lsboxd” and issues with “sandboxd deny mach-lookup”, working to delete temporary cache files and performing disk permissions & file checks (similar to what Disk Utility can help do: verify file/directory permissions and make repairs as needed).

Will report back if this solves the issue of “no wake from sleep” for my MacBook Pro Retina (2012).